EgoTweeting – An eBook on ego- and business marketing using twitter

As I have mentioned before on this blog I have been working on an eBook on Twitter Marketing, and I’m thrilled to announce, that it is finally ready!

I present to you: EgoTweeting

I chose to rename my book to “EgoTweeting” because that’s what Twitter Marketing is all about in the end: Tweeting about yourself and your business – And being good at it!

The EgoTweeting eBook will cover subjects from Twitter Monetization, over Twitter Marketing Ideas to Automating Twitter and will also cover a lot of the Tools needed to perfect your Twitter Marketing Campaign.

Choosing the right price for the eBook was one of the hardest parts of the eBook-production-process. My first price was $19.95, since it seems to be the “Magic Price” that every one else uses, but I would really love for every one to be able to afford this handbook on Twitter marketing. That is why i changes the price to $9.95.

I have made the book in both a printed paperback physical book and a digital PDF eBook. The price is the same: $9.95, but some shipping will be added to the printed book. If you order the printed book before March 22 you will get FREE shipping using the following promo codes:

  • USD $ blurb promo code: WESHIP
  • GBP £ blurb promo code: WESHIP2
  • EUR € blurb promo code: WESHIP3

I hope that you will go and have a look at my eBook, and if you like my idea and you would like to know your way around Twitter Markting, I think that you should give it a read, it’s an eBook on only 12 condense chapters and is the optimal book for your night stand!

If you want to read a review of the eBook, please take a look at the review from TechPatio, who was nice enough to read it before I published it, and give me a little feedback.

Please post your comments and tips below, this is the first time have published and eBook so I really need the feedback :-)

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18 Responses to “EgoTweeting – An eBook on ego- and business marketing using twitter”

  1. Hi Lars, first of all, thanks for following me on twitter, I appreciate it.

    Secondly, I do not need for you to tell me exactly what you have in your e book, but does it also include marketing your blog on twitter. I am just curious, maybe I will learn more from your tweets, but I guess it costs nothing to ask.

    Thanks again.

    sexy legs and body´s last blog ..FASHION AND OLD(ER) WOMEN. My ComLuv Profile

  2. hummingbird review says:

    Discovering how to get more followers on twitter is relatively simple. By having updated messages every day, you have the power to attract loyal followers.

  3. hummingbird software review says:

    Starting new to twitter can be frustrating but when you genuinely use it as the compelling marketing tool it can be it will pay off in the long run. I think twitter is a important way to drive traffic to your website.

  4. scott says:

    Looks good, any chance of an excerpt we could read before committing to purchasing the book?

  5. tweet adder review says:

    Twitter is a fantastic way to quickly connect with other people, create tremendous online visibility, drive traffic,. and even advertise and make sales. The problem with twiter is that many people mess up their marketing strategy from the beginning. The good news here is that makes it easy for you to stand out when you do it properly.

  6. tweet adder review says:

    Twitter is not merely status updates! Twitter is a venue where you can market your brand or yourself in way to captivate and socially interact with your followers. Twitter, in essence, is really about creating online relationships with your followers. 

  7. Great title! Good luck with your new venture.
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  8. Li Culp says:

    Hello, well thought out blog, I’ve book marked your website

  9. Interesting, I begin to have a name on Twitter so I may give you a look at the book, thank you very much

  10. atics says:

    hi i already bookmark you, for twitter business online,creating online relationships with your followers. …thanks alot
    atics´s last blog ..iPhone 4G Apple’s newest gadget introduced on Monday My ComLuv Profile

  11. I think this book has to work more than just maximizing Twitter but also influencing Facebook using Twitter strategies since Facebook as we all know is the trend leader at the moment.

  12. Martin says:

    Looks like a great topic… I think that the scope for twitter automation (your chapter 8) is an especially interesting topic. It seems like the key is striking a balance between keeping up a high level of activity and not getting your account banned :-)

  13. I would love to purchase this book as i am tired of people saying this that Twitter is really beneficial for your business and products but as of now i just consider it as a spammy tool and nothing more than that!

    Anyhow, would love to purchase your book, just waiting for one of my client to pay me..

    Just before that this can you tell me the table of content for this book? Would love to know about this..

    Also bookmarked you in my delicious account so that this precious book don’t go away from me! :)

  14. Wow, what a great name you have chosen. It could have been simply great if you could have listed the content (the chapters) so that we can preview it before buying

  15. As the previous poster said, please list the chapters. I find myself using Twitter more and more now to keep up to date with my favourite bands, special offers on products, news etc. It has become a great marketing device.
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    • LarsD

      Thanks for the feedback.

      If you visit the book’s home page you will see that the TOC is listed right on the front page :-) But I’ll list it for you here as well:

      Table of contents
      1. Introduction
      2. The Twitter Buzz
      3. Twitter Monetization
      4. Twitter and Click-Through Rate
      5. Tweet your way to success
      6. Twitter: A Tool For Small Business Owners
      7. Twitter Marketing Ideas
      8. Use Twitter To Connect With Customers
      9. Automating twitter
      10. Twitter Tools
      11. Twitter Analytics Tools
      12. In a Nutshell – Conclusion

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